About Us

UPSERVE began the F&B and hospitality journey in 2019. With rising trends in F&B franchise business and seeing the needs of better operational know-how, Upserve offers solution to facilitate as F&B operator and successfully operates 50+ F&B outlets consists of 15 different local brands.

Based on the operational experience, starting in 2021, Upserve started to build partnership with Kopi & Warung Nako, Two Stories, and Kopi Selamat Pagi. Through the partnership with multiple brands, Upserve managed to expand the brands in multiple locations in Jabodetabek area.

Beginning in 2022, Upserve is committed to upheld and upscale the images of F&B and hospitality scenes in Indonesia by raising a new standard in F&B through a great and unique experience. With each brand, we offer a unique customer experience, taste, and service. Each brand is the culmination of Upserve experience and value in the F&B and hospitality industries.

Meet Our Founder

Alpha Giovanni

Kevin Sumapung

Michael Rusly

Our Vision

We strive to lead F&B and hospitality industries in Indonesia with a selection of innovative brands that can cater to all classes & lifestyle and to always uphold local values.

Our Mission

  • Develop innovative F&B brands that are suitable for all classes and lifestyle. 
  • Uphold the use of local products and local values.
  • Build professional team who have similar vision and value to contribute building F&B scenes in Indonesia.
  • Forge stronger and reliable partnership.
  • Always on top of the latest trends in the F&B and lifestyle market.